Friday, 20 March 2015

Why Did I Start A Blog?

So when I did the Poll on ' What Should My Next Blog Post Be About? ' I got five votes and this came in tie second place so instead of doing the highest vote I just decided to do them all. I wasn't too excited to do this one because there isn't much of a story behind it really. 

It all started on the 27th of December, Two days after Christmas. It was roughly around 11pm when I just finished watching someone's YouTube video and the word " Blog"  was mentioned. I decided to stalk zoellas blog and I realised how fun it looked and I was in a sort of bad mood as it was so I decided to make one. I first made my blog on WordPress. I didn't really like WordPress so I watched a YouTube video on blogging by Zoella and Louise
( SprinkleofGlitter). They mentioned how they use blogspot. At first I had no idea what it was so I stopped the video and decided to google it. I made an account on the 28th of December and I just loved using Blogspot. You have so much freedom to design things the way YOU want it. I still have my Wordpress account but I'm planning on deleting it because blogspot as I said is MUCH better. I have more stats on this blog then my other one because its easier to find peoples blogs on here than WordPress. If anyone wanted to start a blog I would recommend using Blogspot and not WordPress but then again WordPress is easier to use because it's got less things to play around with and explore. The reason to why I started blogging is simply because I was bored. I was generally bored and I was tired of doing nothing so that's why I started one and it was actually really fun. I'm sort of glad I started a blog because it's amusing and even though no one really reads my posts I still enjoy writing about things that I find interesting.
In the pictures below this was what my blog looked like before now. As you can tell it was completely different, new template and new design. These were the only photos I could find of my old blog design so these aren't very clear but you can see how it
has changed.

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