Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's In My School Bag?

This year I have been using my Navy backpack from Route One which was only £17.99. Its just an average backpack design and it has lots of useful compartments. 

So at the back of the backpack this is normally where I keep all my books for all my different classes and my PE kit but I didn't include them in the picture because the books change everyday and my kit is only for twice a week. 

These are the everyday items that I have in my bag.
  • An Abundance Of Katherine by John Green
  • Purple Jelly Pencil Case - Tesco 
  • Make Up Bag - Primark 
  • Soap & Glory Body Spray - Boots 
  • Colypso Apple Aid - School Canteen 
  • School books 
  • PE Kit ( I didn't include this because I only have PE on Monday and Thursdays but if you wanted to see what I wear you could check out my What I wear to the gym post Here ) 

Next up is what I keep in this small little zipper area. I just keep random but very useful things in here. I didn't put in some personal hygien things because I thought it would be pretty obvious.

So as I said I keep random but very important things in here. I left two things out which was just gum and a few " girls things " because I thought there was no point adding it. 
  • A Casio Calculator - Tesco 
  • Ice Breakers - Asda ( American part ) 
  • Tangle Attack - Poundland 
  • Hair Bobble - Anywhere 
  • Vick Nose Unblocker - Not Sure 
  • Cien Hand Gel - Lidl 
  • Birch Box Purse - Birch Box ( didn't include it because I forgot )
So this is everything that I currently keep in my bag for school. I missed quite a lot out because I didn't think it was relevant but after I move up a year in May I might do one before the summer break ends because that's normally when people get a bunch of cool new things. Hope you enjoyed. 

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