Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Make Up Wish List

I completely ran out of ideas to blog about so I decided to Google blog post ideas and I stumbled upon A Girl Obsessed blog. She had a whole list of ideas and the make up wish list was personally the most appealing one for me.

So first up on the list if the Mac Studio  
Fix foundation. The reason I really Want it is I used my friends one on the night of a Party and it completely covered my acne and It didn't make it Cakey which 
was really good.         
 The next thing on my list is the Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray. Eve Bennett and Nathalie Paris ( YouTube's ) I'm pretty sure both have this and it looks so good and apparently it actually helps your make up stay on.                   

The next thing on my list is the      
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I have always wanted my own Naked palette because I have heard so many good things about it and I absolutely love the matte colours on there,
especially the Nude brown colours.

 I really want this simple and cheap Collection Brow kit because my friend uses it and it just seems so simple. My eyebrows are naturally quite dark but they are really light towards the end so I would just need to fill it in.

This is the Mac Myth Lip Stick that I really want because it's just a basis nude colour that's really natural because I don't really like lip sticks because I personally think they're really messy so a nude colour wouldn't be so messy and its just simple.

 The last thing on my list is this cheap Soap & Glory Powder. The reason to why I like this is it doesn't seem to make the skin look cakey or dry and also it has a small mirror which would comes in handy. 

These are just a few of the many items that are in my Make Up Wish List. I hope you enjoyed and comment down below what would be in your Make Up Wish List. Hope you enjoyed and comment down below What's in Your Make Up Wish List 


  1. The Urban Decay setting spray is amazing! It's great to help your make up last all day :) And also you should consider the Naked Basics palettes, the size is so convenient and the price is a lot better too :) Georgia x

    1. Yeah I heard a lot of good things about the setting spray and yeah the Naked Basic palettes do seem pretty cool xx