Thursday, 26 February 2015


I personally love watching anime which is weird because I used to hate it but it sort of depends what type of anime I watch. These are my all time favourite Anime's. 

  1. Kotoura-san 
  2. My Little Monster 
  3. Danganropq - The Animation 
  4. Peach Girl 
  1. Ponyo
  2. Howls Moving Castle 
  3. Kiki's Delivery Service 
  4. The Cat Returns 
Kotoura-san, My Little Monster and Peach Girl are technically all the same. They have the same storyline because they're set at school and there is a tragic but cute love story behind it all but it keeps being out to the test because of other people but Danganropq is a much darker and sinister story. Danganropq is about a bunch of teenagers being forced to stay in this run down school and they have to kill each other and not get caught to be get free and if you don't kill you will stay in there forever and its owner is this evil bear which is half white and half black with one eye red. 
All these movies are similar again because they involve kids going in adventures because something somehow went wring and they have to sort it out. I don't really have much to say about these Movies but these are my favourite ones. 

I hope this helped enough for people to find new anime series or movies to watch. Also comment any other Anime Series/Movies you would recommend

My Little Monster 


Peach Girl 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

So over the years my skin has been getting worse and worse. I currently have mild acne which doesn't sound that bad but for me it is. My spots aren't big or red but they're just small, painful and everywhere which I think is worse at times. So I decided to make up a skincare routine and stick by it for a while to see if my skin has improved and so far I think it actually has. My skin is a combination of dry and oily which is weird but in my T zone I find my skin is actually quite dry but around my cheeks and under my eyes they're normally quite oily. So these are the products that I have started to use.
So first up in my skincare routine I would use these SkinSystem wipes to just carefully remove my make up. I really like these wipes because they take a lot of the make up off really well and they smell of Cucumbers and Aloe Vera. The one thing I don't like about them is when you take the wipe out the package it feels dry. 
The next thing on my list is this Napa Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. I haven't actually use it yet which contradicts what i said at the start but I got it today. I really like the package and I have heard good things about nspa so I'm only predicting this will hopefully help my skin. 
The last thing in the photo is this small Murad Exfoliating Cleanser. I got this a while back as you can clearly tell because its nearly gone but I think this product is one of the the best cleanser I have ever used mainly due to the fresh clean feeling you get after using it. 
This product wasn't in the big photo at the top showing all my Current Skincare Routine because I don't use it all the time. This isn't mine, its my little sisters because she suffers from really bad eczema. I secretly use it whenever I feel my skin just needs that extra something to make it feel fresh ( I also use it secretly because I'm not allowed to use it apparently " it's just for Lucy " but sharing is caring... And I think it helps my skin ). 

Where do I buy these? 
  • Asda - SkinSystem facial wipes 
  • Asda - NSPA cleansing face wash
  • Not a clue - Murad  exfoliating Cleanser 
  • Doctors or local pharmacy - Epaderm cream 
This is my Current skincare routine. I have left an item out but that's because I lost it and I have to order a new one from the doctors but later through the year if I do an updated one I will mention the product. 

Hope you enjoyed x

Friday, 6 February 2015

Nail Biting

Nail biting is the biggest issue I currently have right now. Ever since I was able to bite my nails I have which means my nails are quite short and they don't look nice at all. I previous decided to stop biting my nails and they grew really long but then I moved into my new classes at school and I bit them all off within the first lesson I had with my maths teacher. I noticed that I don't bite my nails when I'm nervous or anything it's only when I'm bored. Long story short I decided to grow them out but this time I am actually trying really hard. I haven't bite them in two or three weeks which sounds really pathetic. They aren't really long but they're longer than usual. In the photo's you can see the difference in the first picture but not so much in the second and third picture. I think I took them weekly and as you can see they aren't long at all really. 

The first method I had to try and stop me biting my nails was a really common one. I decided to put plasters on my nails so I wouldn't bite them but it didn't really work because the plasters kept falling off. 

My mum bought me and my little sister this nail varnish. It was a clear colour one but the only difference was it tasted revolting, disgusting even but I still found a way to get past the taste and bite my nails. I wouldn't really recommend that nail biting nail varnish, mainly due to the fact whatever you touched then later tasted of the nail varnish. 

Then I decided to not do anything and just remind myself not to bite my nails whenever I thought about it. I didn't fixate on my nails which I find works a lot easier than anything else and I am still using this method and I haven't thought about biting my nails for a while now which is good. 

The main reason to why I wanted to stop biting my nails is the fact I really want to paint them and the weirdest part is I like tapping them on the table. Yes the main reason is the tapping on table but I find it fun to do in classes and I just play with my nails a lot less now and it's more hygienic not biting nails so I stopped.