Sunday, 14 February 2016

♡Valentine's Day Gift Ideas♡

Happy Valentine's Day
Today's post as you can tell by the title is going to be a late Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. If you're anything like me and have a horrific memory and you just realised it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and you didn't get your partner a gift and you're stuck in what to get them then continue to read on. 
  • Flowers: People love flowers and they're such a cheap thing to buy for someone and they look absolutely beautiful.
  • Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate ( except me I swear I'm the only one who doesn't like chocolate. I have to be in the mood for it and it has to be a specific kind and I can't have too much ) but it's such a cute and simple yet cheap gift idea. You can even get it designed with a personal message wroteen on top to make it more special. 
  • Teddy bears:  who doesn't love a teddy bear? Exactly you can't go wrong 
  • Perfume: Again, most people love smelling nice and a special hand picked scent from your partner is something special and simple 
  • Dinner Date: This one might actually be harder for anyone who has left it completely last minute like me and this post but it's still a good idea. Even if you have a home candle light dinner that you made for your partner 
  • A dog: This is a hint for my Future Husband and if he is stalking the old me and finds this I recommend a Rottweiler. Ps it's a little creepy you found this. 
  • Make up: self explanatory really 
  • Bath Bomb: Share a bath after your dinner and get all cosy and watch a movie. 
Thanks for reading and I hope this helped even though I literally just thought of this post about 10 minutes ago but oh well. If I missed anything else out comment down below any other options. Just because you don't have a Valentine's on Valentine's Day doesn't mean anything at all. You can be your friends Valentine's or even just buy yourself this stuff and have a pampering day and remember they have them half priced on Monday.


  1. I love the little hint about the dog lol 😊 great post by the way xoxo

    1. Well I thought I might as well start early haha Xx

  2. That one about the dog was so funny! But you're so right! The things I'd do to have a puppy beagle!!!! X

  3. Yeah great gifts, especially, a dog!

  4. "A Dog" Pretty extreme Aha. Anyway, i tagged you in an award tag. :) You'll find it on my blog.