Friday, 25 September 2015

Ickle Baby Bot | LUSH

So today's post is going to be about the Lush Baby Bot Bath Bomb. I quite recently bought this product and I absolutely love it because it is so easy yet affective. I personally love the smell of this bath product as it isn't really strong and over powering but it isn't weak you can't smell anything. When I first bought it I wasn't too fond on it as I generally couldn't smell a thing but now as I have had it for a bit longer I can definitely smell the Lush Baby Bot scent. The scent of this bath product is quite weird to describe. I have a weird déjà Vu moment when I smell it just like the Creamy Candy one which is quite strange but nevertheless I like it. I couldn't get a good photo of the Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb when I out it in so I had to use a photo of Google but I choice the closest one to what mine looked like. I personally would recommend buying this product as it is incredibly cheap, probably the cheapest one they have and probably one of the best for its price. Comment down below which is your Favourite LUSH product. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this. 
Photo Owner - All Things Lush Uk

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sweater Weather | Autumn

It is officially Autumn which means soon the leaves will turn red and brown and others will fall off. The nights become longer and the days becomes shorter and the days become just as cold as the nights. Autumn is the time for cool jumpers with hats, scarf's, boot's with fluffy socks, lovely coats and stores bring out all these cosy food and drinks. Autumn just reminds me of one BIG Tumblr post which makes this season just as cosy. Halloween and Bonfire Night both takes place during the Autumn season which makes me just as excited. I am the type of person who wears jumpers 24/7 no matter the season but now that this is Sweater Weather it will be socially acceptable to wear jumpers all the time. This will most likely end up being a small post with plently of Autumn photos so thanks for reading. What's your Favourite thing about Autumn?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn Lipstick | Astor

Tomorrow is officially Autumn so I decided to do a post on Autumn Lipsticks as this just reminded me of autumn so much. This is the Astor Lipstick 75002 Paris ( the bottom of it is ripped of so I can't tell you the name ) which is a very dark Red colour which is very autumnal I thought so I had to add it in. This isnt a Matte lipstick and you can tell but it is sort of in the middle of one but then it looks glossy at the same time. If you look carefully at the lipstick you can see little small specks of glitter but when you apply it to your lips you can't see it. I never normally wear Lipsticks but I really want to try pull this off but when I was wearing this around the house I noticed it had lasted up to eight hours and it left my lips feeling soft ans it didn't even dry mu my lipout. It doesn't feather/bleed into find lines and it provides full coverage. The one thing I don't like about this Lipstick is the fact it takes ages to get off and it has that Lipstick taste that I'm not find on.

Monday, 21 September 2015

My Top Three | Nail Varnish

Today's post is going to be my top three nail polishes that I have been loving recently. I never paint my nails because they're really short but yesterday I applied fake ones and I really loved these colours so I thought I will do a post on them. Since it is autumn I felt like these matched perfectly, especially the middle Barry M one which is more of a purple red colour. It reminded me of Bonfire Night and the fallen leafs. The other Barry M which is the Vanilla Matte shade that I absolutely love. I'm not going to say too much as I did include it in one of my last montly favourites and it does appear in this months favourites again. The last colour is Essie and it doesn't have a name on it but this is a beautiful metallic Blue/grey colour which is a really unique colour that is why it is one of my Favourites. I would recommend buying these as they look beautiful and as I said they match this season incredibly well. This is quite a short post. Comment down below what your favourite nail varnish is and thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

LUSH | Haul

So today I went with my mum and my little sister to Inverness randomly and I knew I would end up going here. We don't have a lush in the area I live so I was obligated to buy bath bombs but this time I didn't buy much as I was limited this time with money but I am still pleased with what I got as I have never had any of these lush bath products. I got two bombs and one bubble bath. 
On the left you can see a typical bath bomb. As I said I have never owned any of these products to I am intreged to see what this turns out like. The Butterball smells exactly like the Lush BB Seaweed Facial I used to own. I'm not too fond on the smell but the look of this bath bomb makes up for it. The bath bomb is all white but it has random specks of colours such as blue, red and yellow. 
Ickle Baby Bot
In the middle you can see this adorable little blue robot. This doesn't look like a typical bath bomb which is probably why I bought it as well as hearing great reviews. The Ickle Baby Bot has a really suttle smell to the point it is almost invisible but I personally think it smells like the Lush shop mainly because it has been left in the Lush shop it has developed the smell of all these different products mashed into one. £1.95
Creamy Candy 
The Creamy Candy is a bubble bar and truth be told I haven't got a clue what a bubble bar is as I have never had one before so I am definitely looking forward to try it out. The smell of this bubble bar is outstanding. It smells really creamy and the smell is quite strong and over powering but in a nice way. Every time I try to sniff it and try identifying the scent I can't. I swear I have smelt this before but I don't recall when or where. I personally love this product the most out of the three things I bought. £2.75

I will probably write a review on these products either together all in one post or in separate posts much later on in the month or maybe next. As I said at least three times now I haven't used any of these so I am quite excited to see how these turn out and if these really are worth buying. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. What's your Favourite thing from Lush?

Friday, 11 September 2015

Having Acne

So I decided im going to do a post that isn't beauty related because a friend of mine doesn't find them interesting so I decided to write one that he might find interesting. 
I first went to the docoters roughly around January 2015 because people were mocking the condition of my skin which made me a hundred times more self conscious than I already was they my doctor helped me and it took a while until I found the right medication. They first out me on this cream called Acncide 5% which worked for a while but I suddenly started to feel my face burn and my face would swell up to the point I would have to take a day or two off. One time it got so bad I had to stay of for a while and go to the docoters and he said and I quote " bloody hell. It looks as if someone smacked you haha what happened to your face " and as I explained it we found out that the Acncide cream was to strong for my face that I was actually burning my face. This cream removed half my eyebrows and stained a lot of my tops. I went back and he decided to put me on Oct tetracycline as you can see it is in the photo above and he also gave me skinoren cream to use. It started to work immediately after I got it, to the point he took me off it after three months I had FLAWLESS skin. Fair enough I still had a few scars but it wasn't much and my skin didn't look like lumpy sick and I even layed of the junk food and drank more water but obviously things didn't last. My skin towards the summer holiday devolved into some weird mutation. My skin was literally like the surface of the moon it was that bad and because I was traveling to England I didn't have time to go to the docoters so I waited until I got back and I had my appointment on the 9th of this month and he was so disappointed at the fact my acne came back. 
He gave me the same prescriptions and since I have got my stuff I have noticed my skin is clearing up again but as you can see in the photos I took my skin was pretty bad. The forehead view was before the summer but it doesn't really show the full extent of how bad my acne really was.  The two photos of my right cheek and my chin ( they aren't loading so I will have to add them later) is what I took about 20 minutes ago and as you can tell my skin still isn't too good but I know it will take time so I thought I would just write a post on my acne because I know plently of people have acne and it is actually a normal thing. If you or anyone you know has acne I would suggest going to the docoters if you already havent so * cough * TYLER * cough *. 
SKINOREN - you can get this cream of you ask your doctors to prescribe this for you and I'm sure they easily will. 
EPADERM - you can buy this from your local super market maybe or in boots but mine is prescribed but I wouldn't recommend getting the tub version as it makes you're skin feel really gross I would recommend getting the bottle one ( HERE )
OXYTETRACYCLINE - You can ask your docotera to maybe prescribe you this but you would most likely need to book an appointment to see if you really need these. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sex Bomb | Lush

"When you’ve got that feeling - tired, stressed out and anxious - you need some sensual healing. The fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage will soon have you relaxed and feeling in the mood... ."-Lush
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bath bomb from lush. It smells so good. This is an old photo from when I first got it at like Christmas time from my friend as a present but I used it ages ago but I really wanted to write about it so here I am, writing about it. In the photo you can see in the middle it has pink flower petals. When you put your bath bomb in the bath watching it all fizz and unravel with new and exciting colours you will notice these petals slowly branch off. These petals smell amazing and I love how they just float around the bath. I didn't have my own photo of this bath bomb so I had to use a random one I found on Google images and I found this one which stood out the most because it was more realistic and identical to what my bath looked like after I used this bath bomb. I absolutely adore this bath bomb and I would highly recommend buying one of these as they are AMAZING! 
Photo Credit : stephaniewants