Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wake Me Up Foundation

The wake me up foundation is a really good foundation because it is so light yet it had a medium coverage. Because I have dry skin when I don't use moisturiser my skin looks really dry and horrible with this on. I hardily ever wear foundation but since buying this not that long ago I absolutely love it and I used it at least ones a week or if my skin is really bad and impossible to cover. I love the colour scheme with the packaging because it is so bright and in your face but in a subtle way that you don't realise how bright it is. My wakw me up foundation is in the colour 100 ivory because I have really pale skin. The one thing I don't like about this is how after a while it will be your colour then like a week or two it will somehow be darker. I don't know if its just me or just this foundation but it happened a few times which is extremely annoying. On the bottle it says it has " skin brightening vitamin C " with an SPF of 15 which is really good for when the sun is out. The smell of the Wake Me Up Foundation smells REALLY fresh ( It smells like the Rimmel London Match Perfection one ) and absolutely amazing. I don't normally have foundation and I stated but when I used to wear foundation I used the MAYBELLINE FIT me anti -  Shine stick and the Rimmel LLondon match perfection foundation and I absolutely loved these foundation. The Rimmel London match perfection is my all time favourite but I would say tThe Wake Me Up one is my second favourite one. 
In the photo underneath you see The Wake Me Up Foundation and another product I tent to like using with my foundation. This is the New Cid Perfection Colour Adjust Foundation. It just makes your foundation less orange by absorbing it all. The New Cid packaging is really cool. Its pretty mich just a silver tube with a little window strip to see what ia inside it. I love using this for when I docwear foundation and I would recommend buy both of these product's because they're both simple amazing and they work well. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my post on The Wake !e Up Foundation ft New Cid Cosmetics. Comment down below what you think about the Wake Me Up Foundation. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Summer | 2015

Even though summer is nearly now over or it is over for some people ( depending when I post this ) I decided I am going to write a post about my summer or at least just upload photos so I can always look back on this and remember ft corny quote.

Friday, 28 August 2015

In The Buff | Review

I haven't been writing as many posts as I said I would because once again I forgot I even had a blog. I have been so caught up in my school work and sleep. I'm going to try post more even though I say this sooo many times but I will try but here is a In The Buff Review. 
In the Buff Palette is a duplicate of the Naked 2 Palette. I decided to buy this palette before I buy the Naked 2 because I had heard really good things about it and people were saying it was better than the Naked 2. My sister bought the Naked 2 and I do have to say this palette isn't as good. In the Buff has more of a darker colour scheme which was really disappointing because I like light neutral nude colours. By simply looking in the photo of inside the palette you can see how these are more brown pigmented but with the Naked 2 its a mix between netrual golds, pinks and Brown's which is as I said what I absolutely adore. The packaging is probably my Favourite part I LOVE cute packaging like this and I like the little bruh it comes with. I wouldn't actually use the Brush because I am not find on brushes that are stiff.this is perfect for its price and you do get what you say for any they do loads of other cheap duplicates as well. I would recommend buying this palette as part of a simple started kit but if you're looking for something worth its money and a little bit more expensive then I would recommend buying Naked 2. Comment down below which shade is your Favourite. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 
IN THE BUFF - £4.99
Naked 2 - £38 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Collection Work The Colour: Eyebrow Kit

I haven't been posting as much as I said I would but I think I explained why on my last post but I have free time right now so I decided I can hopefully sneak in a bit of time to write a few posts. I decides to do a what I do to my eyebrows post because I have no idea what to post about realistically. I never used to do anything to my eyes but after I got Acncide it bleach a lot of !y Eyebrow hair over the time I used it and then my doctor came to the conclusion it was too strong for me. After that I had no hair on the top of my left Eyebrow and I personally thought it made them look really thin and patchy. A while back I bought this cheap small Eyebrow palette and I will admit I had no idea what to do. I watched load sof videos on how to fill them in and stuff but over time I learned. I personally would recommend this product to anyone who is starting out with makeup because its just so simple. It comes with a small Eyebrow gel that I wouldn't recommend using because its clumpy and a small angled Brush which I also wouldn't recommend using but I sort of lost them parts. 

In the photo underneath you can see this is my eyebrows before I do anything to them. They haven't been plucked in a while so I do apologise but as you can tell one Eyebrow looks higher than the other simply due to the fact my acne cream remove the top of the left one a bit. 
In the photo underneath you can see my eyebrows after I am done filling them in with the Powder. They look really natural because that's how I personally prefer my eyebrows. I previously mentioned that I wouldn't recommend using the Brush it came with because it is a very small Brush. If your just starting out and you don't have an Angled Eye Brush then I would recommend using it but that's the only time. I would say its much better getting your own angled Brush as it does make it a lot easier. I used the So Eco ones because I love those type of brushes. You can probably still see the one Eyebrow higher than the other but its not as noticeable and they look a lot more thicker and shaped that's why I love this product. 
The next thing I do after this is use my Natural Collection Clear Mascaraand go over my eyebrows and shape them so the mascara can hold it in place. I previously said I wouldn't use the Clear Mascara it came with because its really clumpy and it doesn't hold your eyebrows it just makes them rock hard.  I would go an highlight under !y brow bone but that's when I do a full face of makeup but I didn't for this post.