Wednesday, 4 March 2015

25 Facts About Me

1. You have a middle name?
I do but it's a secret
2. What is your favorite subject(s) in school?
Chemistry, biology and Modern Studies
3. What’s your favorite drink?
The cheap tropical juice that's in the milk carton

4. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
I don't really have a favourite song right now

5. What would you name your children?
Anything that's a unisex name 
6. Do you participate in any sports?
I take part in PE... Apart from that no haha

7. What’s your favorite book? 

Perks of being a wallflower or looking for Alaska 
8. What’s your favorite colour?
Baby blue 
9. What’s your favorite animal?
10. What’s your favorite perfume?
Calvin Klein Reveal. Forgot about that

11. What’s your favorite holiday?
12. Have you graduated from High School?

13. Have you been out of the country?

14. Do you speak any other languages?

No not really 
15. Do you have any siblings?
Yeah. One younger sister and one older sister 

16. What’s your favorite store?

Don't have one

17. What’s your favorite restaurant?
I don't have one 
18. Do you like school? 
Depends what mood I'm in really but most of the time no

19. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

I love SacconeJolys, Eve Bennett, Nathalie Paris, Niomi smart, Gabriella, pointless blog and Zoella 

20. What’s your favorite movie? 

I have too many to mention 
21. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
Skins, friends, orange is the new black, American Horror Story

22. PC or Mac?

Not to sure what this question is asking but if its what I prefer then Mac but if its what I own then none 
23. What phone do you have?
I have the HTC desire 610

24. How tall are you?
I’m 5’4″

25. Any pets? 

Guinea pig called cookie 

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