Thursday, 16 July 2015

How To : Add Gadgets

A friend of mine told me to do less Make up Posts because he doesn't like make up so I decided to listen and I thought I would do another How to blog post because I wish people did these for when I was first designing my blog. I do plan on showing you how to show you how to add the actual Gadget for your side bar I'm going to give you codes to use so you can make your blog look cooler and more interesting to view. 


/widget/scripts/bl.js"></script><a class="bloglovin-widget" data-blog-id="13494715" data-img-src="
/widget/bilder/widget_watkins.gif?id=13494715" href="" target="_blank"><img src="
/widget/bilder/widget_watkins.gif?id=13494715" alt="Poppetx" /></a>
<a href="" title="BrandBacker Member" alt="BrandBacker Member" target="_blank"><img src="
/badges/badge_black_100.png" /></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="
/widget/scripts/bl.js"></script><a class="bloglovin-widget" data-blog-id="13494715" data-img-src=";lang=en" href="" target="_blank"><img src=";lang=en" alt="Poppetx" /></a>

To get all these gadgets you have to sign your blog up to all these websites but they're completely worth it. You go to layout - add a Gadget - HTML / JavaScript - add code - save and that's how you add these cool gadets.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

MASSIVE Summer Favourites - 2015

So this post is going to be a Massive Summer Favourites with loads of random Favourites of mine. I'm going down to England for three weeks so I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to post so I decided to make a Massive post and maybe write others a save them in draft so if I don't have time I can just try and upload one. 

Skin Products

The Body Shop - White Mist Body Butter : I absolutely love this body Butter. truth be told I don't really use stuff like this because I find it time consuming and I hate when I have to wait for it to dry. This product works really well and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling amazing. The one thing I don't like is it takes a while to dry. 
Dove - Self Tanning Moisturising Lotion : I use this roughly twice a month because I am really pale. When I tan my face only gets tanned and my body is as white as Casper the ghost so I have to try even the colours out which can be really hard. There is a few things I don't like about it which is the smell, the blotchiness.  
Neutrogena - Spot Facial Wash : since being off my acne tablets my skin turned really bad not that long after I stopped with the acne things then I bought this and my skin dramatically cleared up. I used to own this but it didn't work for me but after buying another one my skin feels soft and looks a bit better. 
Bliss - Facial wash Cleanser : I use this product as well as a few others on the days were I wear make up. I don't wear make up everyday so the days I do wear make up I feel like my skin becomes dry so I used this to regain the softness and that's why I love this product because it truely works. 
Marc Jacob - Daisy : This is in my favourites because before this month i thought it was a bit too sweet when you first spray it but when you leave it for five minutes after you spray it, it actually starts to smell really nice, fresh and a lot less sweeter which is the type of fragrance I like. 
Pecksniffs - Peony : This is in my Favourites this month because it reminds me of summer so badly. It is a room spray and with one squirt it fills the whole room with a really amazing fresh smell and I love it. 

Make Up

Maybelline - Colour Tattoo : This is in my Favourites because I bought this quite recently and at first I didn't like how harsh the colour was when you first put it on but after a while the colour started to grow on me and I really like using it when I do a darker eye look. I would highly recommend using this and its well worth its money consuming it was £4.99
Benefit - Boi-ing Concealer : I have mentioned this so many times I am going to not write about it and leave a link to my review I did ages ago because my opinions still haven't changed on this ( HERE ) 
Benefit - They're Real Mascara : Everyone at some point has heard of this mascara because this is the best mascara I have ever used. I have really small eye lashes due to me cutting them off when I was younger but using a few coats makes them look naturally long and thick. 
Collection - Eyes Undercover : I love these colours in this palette and it is so incredibly cheap to buy and this is part of my everyday make up Routine which you can easily read ( HERE ) 
ASTOR - red lipstick : I never wear             lipsticks because I feel as if I don't suit them at all but I just had to mention this because its such a beautiful berry red colour which to me is such a typical summer colour.  
schwarzkopf - Got 2 Be Beach Matt : I have Naturally wavey hair which isn't curly nor is it straight and I wanted to somehow make it more curly without using any heat so I use this and I absolutely love it. It really does do the job within seconds.
L'oriel - Conditioner : This is just a random Conditioner I picked up and since dyeing my hair its really helped to fix the majority of the damage and I love the smell. 
Tough of Silver - Dry Shampoo : I have been trying to get my hair into the Routine of washing it every other day because it is a lot more healthy for hair and since I have thin hair it allegedly makes it thicker. I use this to just add volume and if my hair is a bit grwasy I use it to  just make it look a lot cleaner and it smells AMAZING. 
Hope you enjoyed my Massive Summer Favourites and thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine - Summer

 This post is going to be about my Summer Everyday Makeup Routine as you could tell by the header I made. This might look like a lot but its because I use two of most things like I have three mascaras and two concealers and stuff like that. I don't always wear make up on a day to day basis but when I do I wear this. 
Gosh - Primer 
 Benefit Boi-ing - concealer 
Collection - concealer 
maybelline 24 hour - Powder 
Models - Powder Brush 
So eco - concealer Brush 
Real technique - blend Brush 
My style - concealer setting Powder Brush
Collection - Eye brow palette 
Collection - eye shadow palette 
Unknown - brow definer Brush 
So eco - eye Brush 
So eco - eye brow Brush 
Naked 2 - eye Brush 
Natural Collection - new clear mascara - eye brows 
Natural Collection - old clear mascara - eye brows 
Benefit They're real - black mascara 
maybelline lash acceleration - mascara 
Unknown - eyelash curler 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Vo5 Product Review

I haven't posted in a while because I just didn't know what to post or anything and today I remembered I had this post in my draft from a while ago so I decided I would re-write it and then post it. I am going to try and get back into my old blog routine. Another thing is I didn't like the header for the post I made so just for this post I'm going to not put one and see how it goes. 

The Vo5 Nourish My Shine I personally think is an absolutely amazing product. When I bleached the ends of !y hair it was in such a bad condition that I was desperate to fix so I started using this again. After a few uses my hair felt soft and my split ends reduced a lot. The Vo5 bottle is relatively small but it lasts a fair amount of time. I got this back in April and I still haven't finished it yet and I use this every day. I aply this product to the ends of my hair after I have had a shower but not straight away. Another main factor to why I really like this product is the smell. It has such a fresh smell to it and it makes your hair smell nice even when it's dry.
The one thing I don't really like about this product is the little pump thing. I'm not exactly sure what it's called but you squeeze the pink bit and it picks up the liquid and you just carefully release. The amount of times I have accidentally released and it has went everywhere is unreal and I wish it has the push down pumps that most products come with because its easier to use and less accidents occur. 
I personally would recommend this to anyone who complained about having dry or damaged hair because this truely works and I got this for 50p but normally it's £4.99 I think but I do say it's with the price.