Saturday, 9 April 2016

Soap & Glory ARCHERY | Review

So today's post is going to be on the Soap & glory ARCHERY Eyebrow tint and precision sharpening pencil. I got this product not that long ago because I needed a New eyebrow product because nothing was working and I felt like my stila light pencil looked too fake on my eyebrows so I wanted to try something new and fresh so I found this. My first impressions were it's too dark and it makes my eyebrows look even worse but as I started to get used to it and I learned how to not make it so dark I literally love it now and I will most likely buy a new one when it runs out.
How I use it 
 I use the Sharpe Pencil side for the outline of my eyebrows so I have a guideline to not go over ( just follow your own eyebrow shape as a guideline).
Then I go in with the Thicker end which feels like crayon to try till in the lighter hairs to give it that nice full affect that I currently lack in naturally. The next thing I go is go in with the Sharpe side again and do small hair like strokes to give the illusion it is full with more fair and no product.
Then normally I go in with a blonde powder to make sure it stays in place followed by brushing it with an old clear mascara brush to make sure it doesn't make my eyebrows look fake. The more natural the better.
Is it worth the money? 
The Soap & Glory ARCHERY is currently £10 exactly in places like Boots and I personally do think it'd worth the money if you're like me and they have light eyebrows ( acne cream bleached some of my eyebrows that's why I now fill them in a bit ).
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative you can go to TK maxx and get the Stila Eyebrow pen which is the same only difference Is the price( £4.99 ) and the fact it doesn't have a brow tint which honestly doesn't matter. If you're looking for a more High end alternative I would suggest the Anastasia Brow wiz or the dip brow.
Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed and I hope this helped. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

MDacne Team | AD

A member of the MDacne Team got in contact with me and asked if I could shared their campaign with you guys and I did my research and I personally think this is a really good campaign that could help many of people out their suffering either bad skin problems. This Is a really good campaign for people like me who suffer with acne or even just mild spots which even mild can cause problems  that aren't needed. MDacne is currently ranked number one on the Apple store ( US ) for " Acne " keyword which helped targeting over 50 million people in the US suffering with some form of Acne. Another thing MDacne have to offer is this amazing app that offers you important information about your skin type and how to treat and look after it so if you're interested click (HERE) to download the free app ( only available to download on iPhone for now ). I hope you anjoyed this blog post and most importantly I hope this was able to help people who are curry suffering with acne or know people suffering with acne.
For a more detailed explanation here is a short video explaining MDacne, how they work and about they're amazing app.  

Sunday, 3 April 2016

March Favourites

 I know I haven't blogged in a while and that's because my best friend from England has came up to stay with me for a while and I be just been so busy I guess but today post is going to be on My March Favourites.
Olay hydration Cream
My friend recommended this for me and never have I ever loved a product so much. It smells amazing and it works amazing on my skin. When you apply it, it can be quite annoying because it dries really fast so that's good if you're into that type of thing but if you're like me and need it to last longer than 5 seconds it can be annoying but apart from that its an amazing product and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering with bad skin right now.
Yankee Candles 
I bought these two candles from Tesco and I have had these before do I already know how good they are. The white one smells like the Christmas Yankee Candles you get called snow on the road or something like that and it's quite a masculine scent but it's beautiful as it isn't sickly  like some of their others which also applies with the blue one even though it's a more subtle scent but they're both worth it and they're super cheap coming to 80p per candle.
Smoothing Orchid 
I can't find the name of the company on this body must so if anyone knows please comment it down below but I found this product in Tk Maxx with my friend Sophie. They have a pink one, purple and a green one ( we think they hsv emote we just haven't seen them ). Sophie got the pink one which is okay I guess but the one I got is literally my favourite scent ever now. It smells like the Costa Tropical Fruit cooler. This might sound weird but the Costa drink tastes like the smell of the spray? Sounds confusing but some people might be able to understand. This scent is really fresh like summertime smell which is good. The retail price is normally £19.99 but in Tk Maxx it was only £3.99.

Smelly Sticks 
I have grown up with my mum loving smelly sticks so I have grown to love them as well. My sister recently went to London and I did request for her to pick me up some in the markets. Nothing could ever smell as good as the Nag Champa smelly sticks because it just reminds me of when I used to go to India and that's all my parents would light. The other is a Matalan version but it isn't such a string smell it's a gentle smell that I highly recommend as it's cute and smells good. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed and again I do apologise for ot being late as well as not posting in a while.