Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Golden Wonder Review | Lush


I got The Golden Wonder roughly around after Christmas time.
I decided to run a small bath because I was feeling very Shattered Tired so I decided to run a bath to wake me up a bit. 

 My Golden Wonder recently broke so when I ran the bath I only stuck a few pieces in because I wasn't planning on staying in there for long because it was late and I was sort of tired. 
When I put the small pieces in it just fizzed and it started to 
Spread out like this. This pink and yellow part is one of the little 
Presents you find inside the big present. If you look carefully
You will see there are really small yellow stars.  

I added a bit more to the bath but not a lot and this was the end result. The water was incredibly BLUE. It was like a
 " Tropical Ocean ". 
I'm not really good at describing things but the smell coming from this bath bomb was absolutely amazing. It's like a Citrus sort of smell and it was really nice. 

I put a very very small peice into my bath and it literally overpowered the bath. With just a small bit it turned my bath into a Tropical ocean so just imagine what it could do if I added all. Next time I decide I want a bath with a bath bomb I will put all of The Golden Wonder in and I will take a picture and add it in here so you can see the full affect. 
As you can tell I love Lush and I love bath bombs and this 
Bath bomb has to be one of my favourite ones I have used so far. Comment down below what is your favourite lush product. 


  1. That colour of blue is gorgeous! This is an amazing review! If you ever get any other bath bombs, you should consider doing more reviews.

    Also I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! x

    1. Aw thank you and yeah I will consider doing more lush reviews haha x