Wednesday, 13 May 2015

30 Day Blog Fail

As you can tell from the title I failed the 30 Day Blog Challenge. To be fair I was busy starting my new Nat 5 Exam Courses so I'm going to blame it on that but realistically I just forgot about my blog long enough I missed three days and failed but oh well haha. I'm just got to continually be writing random blog posts roughly every week. If I can think of ideas sooner I might write more; Alsp If there was a blog post you wanted me to do on that 30 Day Blog Challenge list just comment down below and I might do it. I sort of wanted to at least make it past the 20 mark so I can at least say I lasted a while but I didn't even make it to ten. Hoped you wnjoyed the 9 Days i lasted and thanks for eading.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hair Care Routine | Day 9

Touch Of Silver : Shampoo - I leave it in my hair for ten minutes then I wash it out so I can make the ends a bit lighter so its less orange. 
Touch Of Silver : Conditioner - I do the same as the Shampoo but every two minutes I rub it in more just to make sure its working. 
TRESemmé : Oil Elixer - I stick this on the ends of my hair just to try help the frizz and split ends. It smells so nice.
Batiste : Dry Shampoo - I use this if I have greasy hair or if my hair looks really flat and I just need to add a bit of volume. 
I try to wash my hair every other day so I can get it a bit oily so it helps my hair after all the damage the bleach did.This is my hair now. In the photo my hair looks much much more darker than it actually is; It's more blode at the bottom and im a light brown hair colour naturally at the top. I absolutely HATE it but I can't dye it back to normal because my hair is in such bad condition so I have a choice to either cut it; wait for it to leave my hair somehow or completely destroy it. I have decided I'm going to just cut it and also let it try go back to healthy hair then remove it. To dye it I used the Ombré wild kit. Not sure what brand it was though. I wouldn't really recommend dye your hair if you already haven't. 
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Meet My Best Friend | Day 8

This is my best friend Sophie. I have known Sophie ever since I was born and we have been best friends since. She is 7 months older but im atill taller by like 4 inches. She lives in the south of England and I live in the East of Scotland so there is a fair distance between us. I see her once or if I'm extremely lucky twice a year. Normally I go down Every summer or October with my family because my mum is best friends with her mum and they have been since they were ten. I hardly speak to Sophie but when I speak to her on the phone or when I'm down its like we never lived 800 miles away.
 Me and her argue over EVERYTHING. Me, her, my two sisters and sophie dad were playing monopoly for 4 hours and we spent a good two hours arguing because sophie completely ruined the game. We argue over which friends characters we are. We spent like 300 hours in my sisters work trying to smell candles and then arguing over who gets the box. Me being nice gave it to her only because I got the nicest candle. We then saw this box with one candle and a room spray that we both wanted but there was only one so we just decided to buy the box of two candles. We went to the beach and on the way home me and sophie was arguing over who gets the first shower. Sophie cheated by getting her mum to cut across the field but I jumped out the car and sprinted back to hers and I got there first but when I left the bathroom to get a towel sophie jumped in my bath with a costume on so then we decide to share a both with costumes but sophie knew what she was going to do to get me out. She stripped and stole my bath. I still need to get her back for that. 
 When she came up in April this year we went to Loch ness and it was beautiful. I have lived in Scotland for like 11 years now and I have never been there before so I was excited. I'm not going to go in detail because I already did a blog post on it ( Here ).
 Me and her are always up to really stupid and immature things. Like Knock Knock Ginger on these nepalese peoples houses and other as I said immature things. I wish I could tell sophie about my blog and show her this but I don't have the guts to tell her yet. We have so so so so so many inside jokes that we have gathered over the years. CH CH CH CH CH CH CH CHERRY BOMB HONK HONK and Flawless. So this is my best friend. I could write more things but it might bore you so I will end it here. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Face Of The Day | Day 7

MUA - Undressed Palette 
lash Accelerator Endless - mascara
Natural  Collection - clear mascara

Boi-ing Concealer - 001
Lasting Collection - fair 01

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rose 

Elite Models -Powder Brush 
My Style - Concealer Brush 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bucket List | Day 6

(1) Buy A St Bernard 
I have always wanted a St Bernard. Ever since I watched the beethoven with the girl who stays at her uncles and the
" Ghosts " took him. 

(2) Travel The World
I really really really really really want to go to Japan, New York and back to India the most. Ever since I started watching Anime I wanted to go to Japan and watch their TV and go exploring around the place and see really cool things and I want to go to New York so I can see all the lights at night and explore and the same for India but I want to go back to the Places I went to with my family.

(3) Become a Nurse or a Doctor 
I just like the idea of being able to help people so I thought this would be a job I would like to do and I really like forensic things.

(4) Have A Paint Fight 
They just look so cool. My mum and dad had a faint fight in India and it just looked so Colourful and fun. 

(5) Help Scientists Come Up With A Cure 
I would love to help scientists come up for a cure with anything.
There is so many illnesses out that that needs cures so I didn't want to state any specific cure. Just any. Just knowing you have helped saved a live(s) is worth more than anything. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Favourite Food | Day 5

So for Day 5 its what's my Favourite Food. The Sanpellecrino Juice doesn't count as food but it's just so good I have to add it in but its my favourite drink. 

Yes I am 100% aware the Primula cheese is upside down but when my Friend Sophie came up she bought this and let me try this combination. I have never loved anything quite as much as I love these. They taste so well together so I count these as my favourite. 

These Koka Noodles I get from home bargins are the best packet noodles in the world! These t first are quite spicy but as you try more they are less spicy. I have these in my cupboards down stairs but I really can't be bothered to take a photo of them so I'm using googles one but these are my favourite. 

So that's all for my favourite food. This was a small blog post but then again I am really picky when it comes to food. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

what Makes Me Happy | Day 4

So this is Day five of the 30 Day blog challenge but I had to change it to four because I forgot to do the actual number four so this is today's one. I decided I'm going to do a list sort of thing because a lot makes me happy so this might possibly be a long post. 

Music - Music makes Happy. I'm sure it makes everyone happy at times. When I'm not in the best of moods I will go up to my room; Close the door and just okay music out loud and just imagine cool and unrealistic scenarios which normally cheers me up. Most of the music I listen I find on SoundCloud and if it wasn't for that app I would have like no music. 

Watching a Movie or TV series - I have had no social life since I got Netflix about a year ago. All I do is watch movies and TV series. My type of things to watch is things that involve teenagers because I find it is more fun to watch because as I watch it I think I'm that character and I just block out what ever put me in a mood. 

YouTube - This is the same as the Movies or TV Series one because I am on YouTube multiple times a day. I love watching vlogs the most because I find it cool to see what people get up to. This also distracts me and it just outs me in a good mood. 

Reading a Book - I'm sure by seeing the words " Reading a book " put you off reading this part but reading can actually put you in a really good mood. I haven't recently been reading anything but a while back I read Looking For Alaska and I absolutely loved it! It was and always will be one of my favourite books. Every time I read it, it always out me in a good mood because the book was just so funny. 

Going To Party's - This is bit of a contradiction to what I'm about to say but party's put me in bad moods but they can sometimes put me in a really good mood. I just like meeting new people and speaking to others and I feel at party's its normally a good time but then again the majority of people are drunk and it can put you down but not always. 

Family Time - I am quite close to family but at times I'm not but when I am they sometimes put me in a really good mood when no one is arguing. Especially my mum because she is really witty so having a conversation with her puts me in better moods and she tickles my back and it puts me to sleep and I love sleep so that cheers me up. 

Talking To Friends/ Boyfriend or Family - Just talking to someone you're generally close with can make me happy. 

So these are the things that make me happy. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Stickers Or Emojis | Day 3

Day 4 is Emojis or Stickers. I'm going to put 3 of the Best Emojis and 4 of the best Stickers and I guess I have to say why I like it. 
Even though these are the same emojis pretty much but these are the ones I like the most. The reason to why I like these Emojis is they are the same thing but they mean different things and the fact I love monkeys and these looks adorable. 
The reason I picked these four is they are my most used ones. You might see I have used these before as part of my Blog name. I use these from PicCollage and in my personal opinion I prefer these to the actual Emojis because they look cartoonised. 
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Favourite Youtubers | Day 2

Day two of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I'm going to just screenshot my subscription box and not say much about them because these are all pretty well known. 

If your a gaming type of person I suggest you Subscribe to: Pewdiepie

If you're into vlogs 
Alex And Mia 
Gabriella Lindley 
Niomi Smart 

The Rest Are Main Channel Videos which are all unique and different that's why I like them all and these are My Favourite Youtubers. 
Who's your Favourite YouTuber?
 Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Meet my pet | Day 1

This is day one of the 30 Day Blog Challenge that I'm trying to do and as it says in the title but day one was Meet My Pet so... Here is my Pet. We don't actually know whether its a girl or a boy but his name is Cookie.

Cookie is just over a year old. He has a grey head and a grey bum area. I have never really seen a grey guinea pig before so it was odd but I like how different he looks. Cookie is more of everyone's pet really but strictly speaking its Lucy's ( My Little Sister ). He stays either in the Hallway or the Bathroom because they are the places that get hoovered the most so its just easier and everyone's always in those rooms. 

What I love about cookie is the fact when ever I go to the toilet  or something he will go into his corner and do his " business " and when you try to give him a bath he literally trys to jump out the bath and when he's on the floor he runs after your feet and nibbles on them or he just runs after you. 

There is one annoying thing. Whenever you go to pick him up or stroke him he jumps and he doesn't just scare me and him... He flicks sawdust EVERYWHERE and you're just left with a mess and a fast heart beat. 

I like having a small pet in the house because it can be quite easy to look after but if I was allowed any house pet u would have a St Bernard or a LeonBurger because they are really big dogs but they're really gentle. 
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

Friday, 1 May 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge

I saw Ellie from Totto's Blog  doing the 31 Day Blog Challenge and I decided I wouldn't mind trying it out but I know I won't be able to it because I am so busy but I decided I will at least give it a go and see how many I can do. I just wanted to say Ellie has dine the 31 day challenge and I'm ( hopefully ) going to do the 30 day challenge. I don't like odd numbers that aren't 5 and I thought it would be easier to do 30 instead of 35. 
  1. Meet your pet...
  2. Favourite Youtubers 
  3. Favourite stickers or Emojis?
  4. Shoes collection
  5. What makes you happy?
  6. Favorite food?
  7. Your bucket list...
  8. Make up you wore today 
  9. Your best friend...
  10. Hair care Routine...
  11. Favourite recipe...
  12. If you won the lottery?...
  13. What did you eat today? 
  14. 5 things that annoy you about boys?
  15. Views on Teenage love?...
  16. OOTD 
  17. What do you do when you are hope alone...
  18. When you are older...
  19. Difference between you in real life and the blogger you...
  20. Favourite Book...
  21. Makeup you love
  22. A letter to someone you love...
  23. Advice you would give your younger self...
  24. Something that made you stronger...
  25. What is on your shuffle list?
  26. 10 likes & dislikes
  27. One thing you are looking forward to...
  28. What is in your memory box?
  29. Self portrait and drawings of 3 people you love
  30. Favourite place where you live...