Monday, 30 March 2015

Travel Bag Essentials

So I wanted to do a Travel Bag Essentials post because for me it's already my Easter Holidays and its coming up to others too so I thought this post might be handy for some people who are going on holiday or something. In the picture you can see it's my Route One bag that I used for my What's In My Bag post ( Here ). 
What I would bring 
  1. Book 
  2. Laptop/ tablet/ phone ( anything that you could play music, movies or even play games with ) 
  3. Headphones 
  4. Make up wipes / Remover 
  5. Charger 
  6. Passport 
  7. Note book / pens' 
  8. Clothes ( you could spill something or you could get cold ) 
  9. Hand gel 
  10. Dry shampoo 
  11. Perfume or body spray 
  12. Extra socks ( this might be just me but when I travel I always bring extra socks that I change into so I feel somehow cleaner ) 
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Snacks 
  15. Small pillow 
  16. Camera 
These are the things I would take in my travel backpack if I was going on holiday. There are many more things you could add if you wanted. Comment down below what are your Travel Bag Essentials and I hope you enjoyed. 


  1. Hi there! I came out on your blog! Absolutely lovely! And it's so weird I just made a kind of similar blogpost! Still need to publish, it's coming tomorrow. But you made me realize that I forgot to pack my sunglasses for my holiday! So thank you! Because it would suck if I really forgot them. :)

    greetings, Hanne

    1. Aw thank you Hanne and yeah it would suck if you forgot them haha; Glad my post helped xx