Friday, 11 September 2015

Having Acne

So I decided im going to do a post that isn't beauty related because a friend of mine doesn't find them interesting so I decided to write one that he might find interesting. 
I first went to the docoters roughly around January 2015 because people were mocking the condition of my skin which made me a hundred times more self conscious than I already was they my doctor helped me and it took a while until I found the right medication. They first out me on this cream called Acncide 5% which worked for a while but I suddenly started to feel my face burn and my face would swell up to the point I would have to take a day or two off. One time it got so bad I had to stay of for a while and go to the docoters and he said and I quote " bloody hell. It looks as if someone smacked you haha what happened to your face " and as I explained it we found out that the Acncide cream was to strong for my face that I was actually burning my face. This cream removed half my eyebrows and stained a lot of my tops. I went back and he decided to put me on Oct tetracycline as you can see it is in the photo above and he also gave me skinoren cream to use. It started to work immediately after I got it, to the point he took me off it after three months I had FLAWLESS skin. Fair enough I still had a few scars but it wasn't much and my skin didn't look like lumpy sick and I even layed of the junk food and drank more water but obviously things didn't last. My skin towards the summer holiday devolved into some weird mutation. My skin was literally like the surface of the moon it was that bad and because I was traveling to England I didn't have time to go to the docoters so I waited until I got back and I had my appointment on the 9th of this month and he was so disappointed at the fact my acne came back. 
He gave me the same prescriptions and since I have got my stuff I have noticed my skin is clearing up again but as you can see in the photos I took my skin was pretty bad. The forehead view was before the summer but it doesn't really show the full extent of how bad my acne really was.  The two photos of my right cheek and my chin ( they aren't loading so I will have to add them later) is what I took about 20 minutes ago and as you can tell my skin still isn't too good but I know it will take time so I thought I would just write a post on my acne because I know plently of people have acne and it is actually a normal thing. If you or anyone you know has acne I would suggest going to the docoters if you already havent so * cough * TYLER * cough *. 
SKINOREN - you can get this cream of you ask your doctors to prescribe this for you and I'm sure they easily will. 
EPADERM - you can buy this from your local super market maybe or in boots but mine is prescribed but I wouldn't recommend getting the tub version as it makes you're skin feel really gross I would recommend getting the bottle one ( HERE )
OXYTETRACYCLINE - You can ask your docotera to maybe prescribe you this but you would most likely need to book an appointment to see if you really need these. 

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