Saturday, 19 September 2015

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So today I went with my mum and my little sister to Inverness randomly and I knew I would end up going here. We don't have a lush in the area I live so I was obligated to buy bath bombs but this time I didn't buy much as I was limited this time with money but I am still pleased with what I got as I have never had any of these lush bath products. I got two bombs and one bubble bath. 
On the left you can see a typical bath bomb. As I said I have never owned any of these products to I am intreged to see what this turns out like. The Butterball smells exactly like the Lush BB Seaweed Facial I used to own. I'm not too fond on the smell but the look of this bath bomb makes up for it. The bath bomb is all white but it has random specks of colours such as blue, red and yellow. 
Ickle Baby Bot
In the middle you can see this adorable little blue robot. This doesn't look like a typical bath bomb which is probably why I bought it as well as hearing great reviews. The Ickle Baby Bot has a really suttle smell to the point it is almost invisible but I personally think it smells like the Lush shop mainly because it has been left in the Lush shop it has developed the smell of all these different products mashed into one. £1.95
Creamy Candy 
The Creamy Candy is a bubble bar and truth be told I haven't got a clue what a bubble bar is as I have never had one before so I am definitely looking forward to try it out. The smell of this bubble bar is outstanding. It smells really creamy and the smell is quite strong and over powering but in a nice way. Every time I try to sniff it and try identifying the scent I can't. I swear I have smelt this before but I don't recall when or where. I personally love this product the most out of the three things I bought. £2.75

I will probably write a review on these products either together all in one post or in separate posts much later on in the month or maybe next. As I said at least three times now I haven't used any of these so I am quite excited to see how these turn out and if these really are worth buying. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. What's your Favourite thing from Lush?

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