Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn Lipstick | Astor

Tomorrow is officially Autumn so I decided to do a post on Autumn Lipsticks as this just reminded me of autumn so much. This is the Astor Lipstick 75002 Paris ( the bottom of it is ripped of so I can't tell you the name ) which is a very dark Red colour which is very autumnal I thought so I had to add it in. This isnt a Matte lipstick and you can tell but it is sort of in the middle of one but then it looks glossy at the same time. If you look carefully at the lipstick you can see little small specks of glitter but when you apply it to your lips you can't see it. I never normally wear Lipsticks but I really want to try pull this off but when I was wearing this around the house I noticed it had lasted up to eight hours and it left my lips feeling soft ans it didn't even dry mu my lipout. It doesn't feather/bleed into find lines and it provides full coverage. The one thing I don't like about this Lipstick is the fact it takes ages to get off and it has that Lipstick taste that I'm not find on.

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