Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sweater Weather | Autumn

It is officially Autumn which means soon the leaves will turn red and brown and others will fall off. The nights become longer and the days becomes shorter and the days become just as cold as the nights. Autumn is the time for cool jumpers with hats, scarf's, boot's with fluffy socks, lovely coats and stores bring out all these cosy food and drinks. Autumn just reminds me of one BIG Tumblr post which makes this season just as cosy. Halloween and Bonfire Night both takes place during the Autumn season which makes me just as excited. I am the type of person who wears jumpers 24/7 no matter the season but now that this is Sweater Weather it will be socially acceptable to wear jumpers all the time. This will most likely end up being a small post with plently of Autumn photos so thanks for reading. What's your Favourite thing about Autumn?

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