Saturday, 9 May 2015

Meet My Best Friend | Day 8

This is my best friend Sophie. I have known Sophie ever since I was born and we have been best friends since. She is 7 months older but im atill taller by like 4 inches. She lives in the south of England and I live in the East of Scotland so there is a fair distance between us. I see her once or if I'm extremely lucky twice a year. Normally I go down Every summer or October with my family because my mum is best friends with her mum and they have been since they were ten. I hardly speak to Sophie but when I speak to her on the phone or when I'm down its like we never lived 800 miles away.
 Me and her argue over EVERYTHING. Me, her, my two sisters and sophie dad were playing monopoly for 4 hours and we spent a good two hours arguing because sophie completely ruined the game. We argue over which friends characters we are. We spent like 300 hours in my sisters work trying to smell candles and then arguing over who gets the box. Me being nice gave it to her only because I got the nicest candle. We then saw this box with one candle and a room spray that we both wanted but there was only one so we just decided to buy the box of two candles. We went to the beach and on the way home me and sophie was arguing over who gets the first shower. Sophie cheated by getting her mum to cut across the field but I jumped out the car and sprinted back to hers and I got there first but when I left the bathroom to get a towel sophie jumped in my bath with a costume on so then we decide to share a both with costumes but sophie knew what she was going to do to get me out. She stripped and stole my bath. I still need to get her back for that. 
 When she came up in April this year we went to Loch ness and it was beautiful. I have lived in Scotland for like 11 years now and I have never been there before so I was excited. I'm not going to go in detail because I already did a blog post on it ( Here ).
 Me and her are always up to really stupid and immature things. Like Knock Knock Ginger on these nepalese peoples houses and other as I said immature things. I wish I could tell sophie about my blog and show her this but I don't have the guts to tell her yet. We have so so so so so many inside jokes that we have gathered over the years. CH CH CH CH CH CH CH CHERRY BOMB HONK HONK and Flawless. So this is my best friend. I could write more things but it might bore you so I will end it here. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

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