Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Favourite Food | Day 5

So for Day 5 its what's my Favourite Food. The Sanpellecrino Juice doesn't count as food but it's just so good I have to add it in but its my favourite drink. 

Yes I am 100% aware the Primula cheese is upside down but when my Friend Sophie came up she bought this and let me try this combination. I have never loved anything quite as much as I love these. They taste so well together so I count these as my favourite. 

These Koka Noodles I get from home bargins are the best packet noodles in the world! These t first are quite spicy but as you try more they are less spicy. I have these in my cupboards down stairs but I really can't be bothered to take a photo of them so I'm using googles one but these are my favourite. 

So that's all for my favourite food. This was a small blog post but then again I am really picky when it comes to food. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading

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