Saturday, 2 May 2015

Meet my pet | Day 1

This is day one of the 30 Day Blog Challenge that I'm trying to do and as it says in the title but day one was Meet My Pet so... Here is my Pet. We don't actually know whether its a girl or a boy but his name is Cookie.

Cookie is just over a year old. He has a grey head and a grey bum area. I have never really seen a grey guinea pig before so it was odd but I like how different he looks. Cookie is more of everyone's pet really but strictly speaking its Lucy's ( My Little Sister ). He stays either in the Hallway or the Bathroom because they are the places that get hoovered the most so its just easier and everyone's always in those rooms. 

What I love about cookie is the fact when ever I go to the toilet  or something he will go into his corner and do his " business " and when you try to give him a bath he literally trys to jump out the bath and when he's on the floor he runs after your feet and nibbles on them or he just runs after you. 

There is one annoying thing. Whenever you go to pick him up or stroke him he jumps and he doesn't just scare me and him... He flicks sawdust EVERYWHERE and you're just left with a mess and a fast heart beat. 

I like having a small pet in the house because it can be quite easy to look after but if I was allowed any house pet u would have a St Bernard or a LeonBurger because they are really big dogs but they're really gentle. 
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

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  1. oh, he is so cute! guinea pigs are so funny!