Tuesday, 5 May 2015

what Makes Me Happy | Day 4

So this is Day five of the 30 Day blog challenge but I had to change it to four because I forgot to do the actual number four so this is today's one. I decided I'm going to do a list sort of thing because a lot makes me happy so this might possibly be a long post. 

Music - Music makes Happy. I'm sure it makes everyone happy at times. When I'm not in the best of moods I will go up to my room; Close the door and just okay music out loud and just imagine cool and unrealistic scenarios which normally cheers me up. Most of the music I listen I find on SoundCloud and if it wasn't for that app I would have like no music. 

Watching a Movie or TV series - I have had no social life since I got Netflix about a year ago. All I do is watch movies and TV series. My type of things to watch is things that involve teenagers because I find it is more fun to watch because as I watch it I think I'm that character and I just block out what ever put me in a mood. 

YouTube - This is the same as the Movies or TV Series one because I am on YouTube multiple times a day. I love watching vlogs the most because I find it cool to see what people get up to. This also distracts me and it just outs me in a good mood. 

Reading a Book - I'm sure by seeing the words " Reading a book " put you off reading this part but reading can actually put you in a really good mood. I haven't recently been reading anything but a while back I read Looking For Alaska and I absolutely loved it! It was and always will be one of my favourite books. Every time I read it, it always out me in a good mood because the book was just so funny. 

Going To Party's - This is bit of a contradiction to what I'm about to say but party's put me in bad moods but they can sometimes put me in a really good mood. I just like meeting new people and speaking to others and I feel at party's its normally a good time but then again the majority of people are drunk and it can put you down but not always. 

Family Time - I am quite close to family but at times I'm not but when I am they sometimes put me in a really good mood when no one is arguing. Especially my mum because she is really witty so having a conversation with her puts me in better moods and she tickles my back and it puts me to sleep and I love sleep so that cheers me up. 

Talking To Friends/ Boyfriend or Family - Just talking to someone you're generally close with can make me happy. 

So these are the things that make me happy. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 

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