Saturday, 25 April 2015

April Favourites

I just want to try and explain why I haven't posted as much this month as I have done the previous month. The reason to why is simply due to the fact I have been stuck on things to blog about. I just didn't know what to blog about for a while and I saw this month was nearly over so I might as well do an April Favourites. 
I think next month I'm going to try and blog more than I did this month but it will be hard because I'm not entirely sure what to blog about but anyway here is my April Favourites. 

 So The First two Items I wanted to share with you is The Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer and the Nivea Raspberry Rosé Lip butter. I absolutely love these two items and I use them both daily. The The Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer is the best concealer ever. This plus my Boi-ing concealer makes my skin look like I don't have acne ( that's if you ignore the bumps ) but the concealer covers so well. You only need to use a very small bit and it does the job but its really thick which I think wouldn't be good for people with dry skin.

The Nivea Lip Butter smells like heaven on a pan. I tend to get really dry lips around summer time and I started to get dry lips but then I found this and o started to use it and my lips arent dry at all and its really good. The one think I don't like is how you have to use your fingers and once you use it you can't touch anything until you wash your hands. That's why I like the baby lips lip balm.

So next in the photo you will see The Barry M Silk Nail varnish in the shade Truffle? I never paint my nails or at least I never used to paint them because I always had short nails but ages ago I tried to stop biting them and they got really really long so I started to buy nail varnishes but recently I bite them all off. From roughly around two weeks ago I stopped biting my nails and they have grown so I used my mums nail varnish that I bought her ages ago and I absolutely love this colour. This a nude colour but it is silky and it just looks beautiful. As you can see on my pinky it shows the effect.

Next up is a lovely Pecksniffs Rose and Peony pink candle me and my friend who I mentioned in my long distance post came up for a while and we bought these candles from Tkmax for £10 for two. We was stalking my sister at work then we decided to smell the candles and we both fell in love with it. We got on the floor and layed all the candles out and we sniffed them all but we loved that candle so we bought it. I honestly can't describe the smell but its SO good ( Anyone who subscribes to Alex and Mia's vlog channel will see what I did there ). It smells like the men's Hollister spray or perfume. It is so good but I don't like how easily it runs out. It doesn't look like its ran out but the flame has currently became really small. I would highly  recommend this product. 

So last up on my favourites is this glass cup I got from Home Bargains. My love for this shop is unbarable. Since it opened up I go there like every week because its such a cool and cheap shop. I got this glass for 69p and it came with this adorable straw that I sort of lost but it was so cute I just had to buy it and I really wanted one before because I have started to make smoothies more now and it looks so cute. I think I have a picture of my Costa the day I bought it in the cup. I think these cups are adorable because they come with a lid and it has a whole on top to put a straw. I think its just used to keep the flies away when you out your drink down.

I had one more item left but I think I'm just going to do a Review on this Product because it is a really good one so I'm going to end this here. I hope you enjoyed my April Favourites and Thanks for Reading.


  1. Oooow the nailpolish is so beautiful! It's such a pretty color for an everyday look! And that smoothie looks soooooo delicious. xx

    1. Yeah I'm obsessed with this nail varnish and oh in the photo that isn't a smoothie I made. That's a Costa Fruit Cooler my sister bought for herself but she didn't like it so I put it in the cup and took a picture. I only used that photo because I had no other one but the drink was delicious haha xx