Thursday, 16 April 2015

Book Review

I haven't been posting as many posts recently and that's because I had been so busy in the Easter holidays and now that I'm back at school it's harder. I haven't had any blog post ideas to I just decided to do a John Green Book Reviews; Mainly because he has done some really good books. 

Looking For Alaska 

I was planning on writing about all the books but I haven't really read much of the other ones so I can't really talk about it and judge it. The one book I read and absolutely loved is Looking For Alaska

Miles Halter or "Pudge" as he is referred to throughout the book. The book starts with Miles leaving Florida to attend a school in Alabama. He's introduced by his roommates to beautiful, mysterious and self destructive Alaska Young, and the story progresses, mostly centered around Miles' life at Culver Creek and his growing attachment to Alaska. There are also essential parts of teenage life thrown in casually. Its not some Typical Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Its not quite so simple, because something happens one night that changes Everyone's lives. 

What i liked was how John Green showed their relationships with each other, their pasts. I was obsessed with this book and I became addicted to reading it. I even watched fan made videos on the book. I personally think if they make a film they should have Kaya Scodelarios character from skins, Effy play the part of Alaska because they're both self destructive and Effy really describes Alaska and I think they should have Dylan O'Brien as Miles or someone along the lines as him. 

I would highly recommend buying this book if you're into that sort of thing. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 

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