Saturday, 6 February 2016

January Favourites

Real Techniques starter kit 
I recently ordered these brushes for £7 including delivery on a sketchy site a friend recommended to me and surprisingly these are a really good quality. They came in the box and everything and they're actually real real technique brushes. The reason these are in my favourites is because I have so many brushes but none of them I feel actually blend well and these I find absolutely amazing that I only ever use these now so all my other eye one's are a bit pointless to have. If you're going/ already have a make up collection and need good brushes I highly recommend these. 

Mac Velvet Teddy 
I have already wrote a post on this but it's currently my favourites and I think it will be for ages so I have to include it this month. If you want to read more about it click (HERE)

Neutrogena 2 in 1 Face Mask / Face Wash 
I bought this previously and I absolutely hated it. The smell made me feel sick for some reason it just wasn't good and didn't do anything for my skin at the time. Since my acne is pretty much nearly gone its working really well while I'm waiting for my tablets. It doenst dry my skin out and I have really dry skin. It makes me feel refrushed after I take it off but the thing I'm not loving is again the smell and it takes ages to take off but apart from that I highly recommend this it works wonders on my skin. 

" Prime it " illuminating Face Primer 
I actress got this from Santa during Christmas and ever since then I use it every single day. I never really use primers but this one is really good. It leaves a matte feeling. One thing I dislike is you have to use quite a bit to prime your face but apart from that it is really good an inexpensive. The reason it's in my favourites is my skin is normally so dry but I noticed after using this my skin appears less dry when I put concealer on to the point I might actually be able to use powder without my skin looking like dust forming on my forehead. 
Comment down below your January Favourite. Hope you enjoyed and tha ks for reading. 

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