Sunday, 28 February 2016

♡ February Favourites ♡

As you can tell my the title it's time for another Monthly favourites and because February has Valentine's day in it I decided to add hearts in it as nothing actually on my favourites relates to it but oh well. This is a small monthly favourites as I haven't really branched out with other products but these I have been loving. 
Nivea men post shave balm 
I know what you're probably thinking.. " hold up Emma this says Men and you're not a boy " but I can explain. I have watched so many YouTubers and this normally pops up as a primer and I never thought much of it until now. This product honestly smells amazing as it has a boys scent in it which 1) smells good and 2) lasts a while. The bottle itself is glass and when you remove the cap I thought it would be like soap but it is just cream that is relatively easy to pour out. The one thing I sort of dislike about it is the fact it doesn't have a pump and it comes out really fast if you tip it a bit so it really needs a pump but apart from that I absolutely love it and I use it every single time I do my make up now and I will continue to buy it let alone recommend it to people.
Daisy  Marc Jacobs 
This perfume is more of a summer/ spring time perfume do I haven't used it in what it feels like forever which is a shame because it's absolutely amazing. I found it about a week or so again with my other presumes and I fell in love with it all over again as it reminds me of summer time so it makes me reminisce about it. It's a really sweet smell so at first its rather string but it starts to die down a bit to a lovely scent.
Gum Hair Moroccan Aragon Oil Shampoo 
This stuff smells amazing, looks amazing and is simply amazing. This only costs £1.99 which is super cheap and inexpensive for a shampoo this good. Since dyeing my hair last year ombrè ( worst decision ever but now that it's gone I miss it ) I have to keep dyeing it backorder at least a colour close which is annoying because a week after I dye it I feel like the ends are coming through my hair is starting to feel destroyed so I got it cut again and my hair felt amazing but normally that lasts only a day but after using this shampoo it still makes my hairfeel really soft and I love it so much. I highly recommend this to people with damaged hair. 
Maybelline Colour tattoo 
This is my version of the Anastasia dip brown which I really want but I'm currently moneyless so I can't but I decided to use the next best thing. In the photo you can see it looks a bit purple but when you apply it to the brow it definitely isn't purple ( I hope it isn't purple anyway ). I really like this I found this out about two weeks ago and ever since I use this. I would recommend buying one your eyebrows colour if they have as I think I might go looking for one but they're good. I'm not sure what colour this is so I can't share that but if anyone knows people comment down below as I want to try find more. Definitely love this that is why it is in my favourites. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed !! 

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