Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

I have had my blog for little over a year now and one of my first posts was a New Year's Resolution and I set myself some goals that I wanted to try and achieve throughout the year. I think it was inevitable that I wasn't going to keep them up as I'm sure many people throughout the world can agree that its harder than it looks and people slip back into old habits which is understandable if not relatable. This year even though it's " a bit late " to set myself goals I have decided I'm going to do it anyway. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed ! 
  • Revise - I literally just sat my English Prelim today and I'm 99.9% sure I failed. This isn't like the people who try act modest when people say " aww I'm sure you done fine " .... No I really did fail this one and if I get a C I will be shocked and I wished I actually REVISED which I should be doing for my Biology NAT 5 on Friday but instead I'm writing a blog post about revising. Quite controversial I know. 
  • CLEAN MY ROOM - My room is so messy it has reached its optimum level of mess and it actually makes me feel physically sick that my wardrobe is literally throwing up my clothes and spilling onto my floor so I REALLY need to clean that and if I do I get another hamster and my room done up. 
  • Be happy - Just do anything and everything I possibly can ( within boundaries ) to make myself as happy as I can and just enjoy my teenage years. 
  • Get a job - I'm skint year round and I was meant to get a job in December so I wrote a CV and when I showed my mum and sister they both started laughing at the amount of irrelevant information I put on that but truth be told I'm tired of being skint all year round and it might do me good pulling my weight around. 
  • Try workout more - Pretty self explanatory.


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