Sunday, 17 January 2016


Today's post I's going to be about the Graze products that I recently purchased. When I first got my bank card I new that Graze have this thing where you can get your 1st and 5th box for free so I knew I must try out their products. I have had many of there stuff since then but I got the new year offer £5 off a sharing box which is what is in the photos. In the Graze share box you get 5 big style products that you can select if you want a savoury box, chocolate box or a mixture box which I'd what I got. All products graze do are all very healthy so if you're looking to maybe try find healthier alternative foods this is the box for you. thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
The cheese Board 
The Cheese Board was these hard bread snacks that tasted like cheese and they had all different shapes and sizes but still tasted good. This one wasn't quite one of my favourite as it did become rather cheesy so I have that one to my mum but she loves it.
Rocky Road 
Rocky Road was dark chocolate buttons mixed with nuts and raisins. I personally didn't like this as I really dislike Dark chocolate and I'm not fond on nuts but the raisins were the best part to me but it was still nice.
Track & Field 
Track & Field was full of milk salted caramel buttons with little cute fudge squares with raisins and a few nuts filling the remainder of the bag up. This product was really good and it was the first time I ever tried salted caramel and I'm not a big fan on it but I would happily try this again though it was really good and my little sister eat pretty much all of it even she loved it.
Herby Bread Basket 
The Nervy Bread BSket was my absolute Favourite one out of them all it was really amazing. They tasted like... Her by bread sticks but they had all different shapes and sizes and each different one has a different flavour and it was amazing if graze did a selection box where you got to pick what to put in that would definitely be in there.
Honey Comb CRUNCH
The Honest Comb Crunch was also really good. It has chocolate honey comb balls covered in milk chocolate with nuts. As I said I'm not find on the nuts but I did try one and it was alright but it tasted boring and plain but other people who likes nuts would enjoy this. All I did was eat the honey comb part and leave the rest but still good. 
This is the photos of the inside of the box and I just had to share it as it looks so amazing with all these colours. I just noticed these are some for of fruit or vegetable I thought it was a night sky but apparently not but even though it ain't it is still really really really pretty. 


  1. This looks so yummy- I love these little boxes of goodies that come in the mail!

    1. If you haven't already you should definitely try these out as first box comes free Xx