Thursday, 1 October 2015

Halloween Ideas

Today's post is going to be on Halloween Ideas. Halloween is my all time favourite holiday. I don't know why I love Halloween but I just do, I always have ever since I was little but all I do is eat Halloween sweets and watch movies like HOCUS Pocus and Halloween town. Things to do on Halloween ; 
  • Have a Halloween Party - This is something I really want to do at some point in my life, dress up and go to a Halloween party. In movies that are based in America they always have a school Halloween ball or something fun but where I live no one really does it anymore which is another thing why I love America is they always go over the top with festive holidays. 
  • Halloween Movie Night - I do this every single year. I buy specifically Halloween sweets and crisps, II get into comfortable clothes and I grabbed my covers and I godownstairs to our blue room and get comfortable then I just watch Halloween movies. I love watching horrors but I'm the type of person who can't watch them in their own and my horror movie friend lives across the country so I can't exactly watch them with her so I stick to the best type of Halloween movies... Disney! Disney do the best Halloween movies and Halloween specials.
  • Dress up and go out - Why not dress up and go out? Or even take your younger sibling out and dress up. My little sister says she is too old to go out so I can't do that anymore but if you have a younger sibling, family member or even friends siblings then you could dress up and take them out. I mean you get free sweets and you get to dress up which is cool.
  • Answer the door - This might sound rather lame but dressing up and answering the door is actually a really fun thing to do as you get to see all these cute little kids dress up in adorable outfits and hear their jokes that you probably already heard or even told like five years ago. 
  • Halloween tricks - This one I was contemplating whether to add in because this one can be very misleading. When I said Halloween Tricks I don't mean smashing pumpkins, egging or TPing peoples houses I simply mean scarying people and stuff like that. 
  • Carving the pumpkins - My mum every year complains that I'm getting to old to carve these pumpkins but I always still do it. This is a really fun activity and the after results can turn out really cool and they just make the place look nicer. 
So here is a list of things you could do on Halloween Night. I hope these are useful and they make people just as excited as I am for Halloween. What's your favourite thing about Halloween? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

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