Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Makeup | Cat

👻 Halloween 👻
So today's post is going to bea rather small post on my Halloween Makeup I did about a week ago. I got bored one night and decided to take all my make up palettes down and do something festive. this is just a very simple cat/ anything cat like make up look. Truth be told I don't really know what it is meant to be but I found this look on a make up instagram page called Kamilabravo. Obviously herself was a lot better as she I think is some make up artist. To find out how to do the full look I would suggest watch her video but you don't necessarily have to copy all the look and you can make it you own. this post was a lot smaller than I indented due to the fact I broke my tablet by accident ( I don't even know how ) so I have to type and design my posts on my phone and it Is even harder than before so there might not be as many posts and my grammar will most likely be really bad as I type fast and my phone changed words to something completely different. It once changed brb to Nebraska. Thanks for readying and I hope you enjoyed. I did another Halloween Makeup up look that night so I might decide to write another post but on the other look I did.