Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Collection Work The Colour: Eyebrow Kit

I haven't been posting as much as I said I would but I think I explained why on my last post but I have free time right now so I decided I can hopefully sneak in a bit of time to write a few posts. I decides to do a what I do to my eyebrows post because I have no idea what to post about realistically. I never used to do anything to my eyes but after I got Acncide it bleach a lot of !y Eyebrow hair over the time I used it and then my doctor came to the conclusion it was too strong for me. After that I had no hair on the top of my left Eyebrow and I personally thought it made them look really thin and patchy. A while back I bought this cheap small Eyebrow palette and I will admit I had no idea what to do. I watched load sof videos on how to fill them in and stuff but over time I learned. I personally would recommend this product to anyone who is starting out with makeup because its just so simple. It comes with a small Eyebrow gel that I wouldn't recommend using because its clumpy and a small angled Brush which I also wouldn't recommend using but I sort of lost them parts. 

In the photo underneath you can see this is my eyebrows before I do anything to them. They haven't been plucked in a while so I do apologise but as you can tell one Eyebrow looks higher than the other simply due to the fact my acne cream remove the top of the left one a bit. 
In the photo underneath you can see my eyebrows after I am done filling them in with the Powder. They look really natural because that's how I personally prefer my eyebrows. I previously mentioned that I wouldn't recommend using the Brush it came with because it is a very small Brush. If your just starting out and you don't have an Angled Eye Brush then I would recommend using it but that's the only time. I would say its much better getting your own angled Brush as it does make it a lot easier. I used the So Eco ones because I love those type of brushes. You can probably still see the one Eyebrow higher than the other but its not as noticeable and they look a lot more thicker and shaped that's why I love this product. 
The next thing I do after this is use my Natural Collection Clear Mascaraand go over my eyebrows and shape them so the mascara can hold it in place. I previously said I wouldn't use the Clear Mascara it came with because its really clumpy and it doesn't hold your eyebrows it just makes them rock hard.  I would go an highlight under !y brow bone but that's when I do a full face of makeup but I didn't for this post. 

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