Friday, 28 August 2015

In The Buff | Review

I haven't been writing as many posts as I said I would because once again I forgot I even had a blog. I have been so caught up in my school work and sleep. I'm going to try post more even though I say this sooo many times but I will try but here is a In The Buff Review. 
In the Buff Palette is a duplicate of the Naked 2 Palette. I decided to buy this palette before I buy the Naked 2 because I had heard really good things about it and people were saying it was better than the Naked 2. My sister bought the Naked 2 and I do have to say this palette isn't as good. In the Buff has more of a darker colour scheme which was really disappointing because I like light neutral nude colours. By simply looking in the photo of inside the palette you can see how these are more brown pigmented but with the Naked 2 its a mix between netrual golds, pinks and Brown's which is as I said what I absolutely adore. The packaging is probably my Favourite part I LOVE cute packaging like this and I like the little bruh it comes with. I wouldn't actually use the Brush because I am not find on brushes that are stiff.this is perfect for its price and you do get what you say for any they do loads of other cheap duplicates as well. I would recommend buying this palette as part of a simple started kit but if you're looking for something worth its money and a little bit more expensive then I would recommend buying Naked 2. Comment down below which shade is your Favourite. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 
IN THE BUFF - £4.99
Naked 2 - £38 

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