Sunday, 18 January 2015

What to bring to the GYM?

Today I am going to blog about what I would bring to the gym. I go to the gyms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but it wouldn't be fair to say I always go on these days because I don't always go. So in the picture you will see my spots bag and what's inside. So inside my spots bag is; 

          • USA Pro knee cut leggings - The reason I like them is the fact they are stretchy and they are really comfortable to wear but normally I would wear just plain black leggings which you can get anywhere but you don't have to wear leggings, it can be anything you feel comfortable in.
• I have two Karrimor sports tops in my bag because normally I can't decide. One is a short sleaved white top and the other is a black long sleaved top which is good of you aren't feeling as comfortable with a short sleeves top. It obviously doesn't have to be a sports top, just a top you feel comfortable in.
• I have a pair of EVERLAST trainers but sometimes if they're in the wash I wear my roshe runs but my proper trainers feel more comfortable and they feel as if they have padding in them which supports my feet but just any shoes that you feel comfortable in you should wear.

Now the next three Items that I have are just small things that I would normally take to the gym but some people would think its unnecessarily. 

• A water bottle. A water bottle is something I personally think everyone should bring because when you have been working hard and you get thirsty you tend to focus on the fact you are thirsty and you don't do as well. You can easily buy a water bottle on the go but this way is much cheaper if you have a bottle already. 
• Facial wipes. This might seem a bit weird but bringing wipes would actually help your skin because if you have been sweating and you wipe your face with a hand towel or something then you just wipe around you will feel more clean. 
• small towel. Just bringing a small towel would be good if you just sweat you could just wipe it away 
• Deodorant. Now bringing deodorant is pretty self explanatory but if you have been working hard you might possibly stink so just bring that to spray and that should help. 

These aren't necessarily thing other people would bring to the gym but these are things I would bring to the gym but I normally go after school so half these items I wouldn't be able to fit in my school bag but if I was to go on the weekend that is what I would bring. I hope this inspires some people just in case they were thinking of joining the gym and didn't know what to wear or bring.

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