Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Small Lush Collection

This is going to be a small post about my Lush collection. As you can tell its very small but I still think it's worthy enough to share haha. 
So in the picture you can see this purple powder. It doesn't come in the powder... When I bought it I accidentally dropped it but either way I wasn't bothered because it still worked. Its called the THE LORD OF MISRULE.

For Christmas I got the big green bath bomb from my little sister which came obviously in the green bag but I threw out the bag when I put it in my box so I'm unsure what the name is but I think it might be called shooting star or something like that. In the second photo you will see what this product looks like after you have used it a few times. I personally think this is my best lush product that I have used so far.

The other bath bomb is shaped as a present and I haven't used it yet but I really like the look of it. The reason why it has the blue and purple bit is I used some of the powder from the Lord Of Misrule bomb and put it on top just to make it more colourful and I really like it like that. Its called Golden Wonder.

The little bar of soap I got for free by the lovely ladies at the till. I haven't used it yet because the packaging just looks really cute but I got the Honey I washed the kids soap bar.

I decided to update this small post because the picture wasn't loading and also I got a few new things.

The next thing I got is this lovely bath bomb. You can clearly see how beautiful the bright pink, dark purple, medium purple and a light purple colour around the centre but in the centre is a cute little rose. I haven't used this product yet but it smells amazing and I can't wait to use it. I can't seem to find this products name.

The next thing I got is this adorable little New Lush Charity Pot which is Hand and Body Lotion. I have used it yet but it looks amazing and I have heard good things about it. It actually doesnt smell of anything which I like.

The last thing I have to show you guys is this small Fresh Handmade Cosmetic product. I don't actually know what it does but I think it might be a shampoo because it says shampoo in small writing around the package but I just don't see how this could be a shampoo but I really like it and it smells of the love heart sweets but a lemon version. This is called Baked Alaska Snowball.

The one thing which is missing from the picture is the smashed up purple powder which was THE LORD OF MISRULE but sadly I ran out of it and the green bath bomb is currently in the green package because its been used twice so now its scrambled up.  This is a photo of my box before I got all these new products and a photo of after. I really like lush as do many people around the world and for anyone who has never heard or used Lush products before I recommend these things.

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