Monday, 29 December 2014

Benefit Review

Well I decided on what I am going to blog about. It will mainly be reviews on make up, skin care and other things like that. Today I decided to do a smallBenefit Review because I never really see much reviews about The Benefit Collection. In the photo you can see the boi-ing concealer and the Fake up concealer in my hand to the left. I'm a girl with acne so I obviously have a few spots but mine are mostly small and red and I get them in the T zone so I know what its like to have spots and not able to cover them but when I first bought these concealers a while back I thought they would be like all the others but I still bought it.

 The Boi-ing concealer ( top right ) is the best concealer I have ever used, mainly because the coverage is amazing. The only problem I think is the round plastic tub it is in, it means you have to either use a brush or your finger which can be messy. This concealer isn't a liquid one its more of a paste one I think which is different to other concealers I have used recently but my favourite thing about the Boi-ing concealer is the fact you don't need to use a lot and it lasts so long and it covers really well. I don't recommend it to people with dry skin because its like paste therefore it sticks to the blemish, I.e spot or mole.  On the back of the box it says " you name it, Boi-ing hides it! " and I think it really does and I bought it for £17.50. Some people would say that's a bit pricey but its completely worth it.

The Fake up concealer is a really good concealer I think too. It's shaped as a stick so it's easy to apply which the Boi-ing one is round so its a big harder. This concealer has its own primer on the out side and the concealer in the middle ( middle right ). The only problem I had with it is it didn't cover my spots very well so I didn't use it in a long time. The other problem I had with it was it didn't cover my spots as I said so it meant I had to try and use more to cover which meant I was going to run out quicker which isn't something I like about the product. As I said about the Boi-ing concealer its like a paste and so is this one. The fake up concealer is also like a paste and so is the primer so it doesn't really benefit people with dry skin so I wouldn't recommend it. The price for this concealer I got at £18.50 which is a bit more than the Boi-ing but its still good.

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