Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Resolution

As its near the end of 2014 I have started to think about how my year has been and whats happened. Its had its ups and downs. A lot of peoples have but I also started to think about next year and what possibilities there are and things that could happen so I wanted to make a New Year Resolution. I know what you are probably thinking ' oh she is just saying that but she will forget and fail ' which I couldn't blame you. Its true because I say that about others and even mine but I really want 2015 to be the year I actually do the things I planned. 

What I intend to do in 2015 is the following things; 
• Go to the gym or work out more. The reason I said that is because recently I have been feeling more and more uncomfortable with my weight and I feel as if I'm becoming less and less healthy so I want to work out and eat more healthy because all I ever eat is really unhealthy things. 
• Go out more. I said go out more because in the summer time I went out twice voluntarily and all I dine was stay in. I barely go out with my friends and I actually regret not going out as much because after a while my friends gave up on me so now its my run to make an effort with them. 
• be happy. This is a lot of peoples one but I just want to be as happy as possible and I don't want to be upset over small things because there is no point. This year has flown by and I don't intend to spent my time crying over spilt milk. 
• Study more. Its coming to the point were my exams are literally around the wormer and I just want to do the best I possibly can so that way I get to do as I please when I'm older. 
• To keep up with this Blog. I really want to carry on with this blog because it's something I really enjoy now and I would like for people to read and also enjoy my blog.
• Help others. Well that's pretty self explanatory.
So yeah that is my New Years Resolution. I plan on writing another blog post later on in the year to see if I really can keep to my word and hopefully do all these. 

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