Friday, 8 April 2016

MDacne Team | AD

A member of the MDacne Team got in contact with me and asked if I could shared their campaign with you guys and I did my research and I personally think this is a really good campaign that could help many of people out their suffering either bad skin problems. This Is a really good campaign for people like me who suffer with acne or even just mild spots which even mild can cause problems  that aren't needed. MDacne is currently ranked number one on the Apple store ( US ) for " Acne " keyword which helped targeting over 50 million people in the US suffering with some form of Acne. Another thing MDacne have to offer is this amazing app that offers you important information about your skin type and how to treat and look after it so if you're interested click (HERE) to download the free app ( only available to download on iPhone for now ). I hope you anjoyed this blog post and most importantly I hope this was able to help people who are curry suffering with acne or know people suffering with acne.
For a more detailed explanation here is a short video explaining MDacne, how they work and about they're amazing app.  

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