Saturday, 12 December 2015

Favourite Things About Christmas

🎅🏽Christmas 🎅🏽

  • Spending Time With Family - My all time favourites thing about Christmas is when my nan and grandad come over and they spend Christmas with us. They're both really old and they never see much of their family so we make sure they aren't alone on Christmas or any other time and we all celebrate Christmas together and it just makes Christmas more exciting I think personally. 
  •  Putting Up The Christmas Tree - I'm not a Christmas fan to be honest my favourite event is Halloween but the things I personally enjoy about Christmas is Decorating the Christmas tree. I'm sort of a Monica Geller when it comes to things like this and it's my way or no way so when it comes to decorating I just love designing things and it's great to do it with your family and it puts you in a Christmastime mood and it makes the place look so much cooler in my opinion.
  •  Christmas Movies - Christmas Movies is another favourite thing I like to do at Christmas. I hate watching Christmas Movies at the start of December I like to watch them the day before Christmas and that's the only time I truly appreciate Christmas Movies as I find them annoying anytime sooner. ( Christmas Movies post coming soon ) 
  •  Christmas Jumpers - How could I forget about Christmas jumpers as I LOVE jumpers !!! I don't own any Christmas jumpers YET but I have always loved seeing these Tumblr cosy Christmas style look which is another all time favourite thing about Christmas and where I love it will come in handy as it's so cold all the time and it would be socially acceptable to wear jumpers 24/7.  
  •  Christmas Day - I think everyone loves Christmas day to be honest. This is the one time a year my family don't fight over small things and we all get along. Its a stressful day for my mum but even she enjoys the atmosphere in the day and just everyone spending quality time giving each other presents. It's a family tradition to stay in our pjs ALL day and just try relax so this is another thing I personally love about Christmas.
So these are all my Favourite Things About Christmas and I'm sure these are some of your favourite things about Christmas time and if you have anything different you can comment them down below. Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been so caught up in my School work as I have Prelims after  the Christmas holidays so I'm trying to get all my nabs out the way but I will try to do more Christmas posts. Like always thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.


  1. Such a cute post and I agree I love Christmas too much! Also I nominated you for the liebester award so if you would like to take part check out my blog for the details x

    1. Aw thank you for nominating me for the Liebster award but I have already been nominated a while back Xx